Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(hair) dressing my truth

(Dressing my Truth at 9 months pregnant!)

(me, after Dressing Your Truth, with my natural curls and a cute baby to pull on them)

(before Dressing Your Truth, with hair straightened and curled into submission - this picture was taken 4 yrs ago but I think I look older and more tired)

My hair has gone through many transformations since I started having kids. I started out with long hair that I could nearly sit on. Then I cut it off, chin length, when my first baby started getting mobile and into everything and it seemed like my long hair was just in the way. Along the way I have tried many different things, most of which involved curling, blowdrying, and frying my hair into submission to try to achieve a style that it didn't naturally want to do. I was trying to make my hair be something it was not. Since learning about Dressing Your Truth, I found out that a person's hair has a natural movement to it and that is part of my energy type and so by working with it, not only would it be easier to do, it would reflect my true self more and be prettier! I have always had some curl but didn't know what to do with it so I just tried to get rid of it. Now I wash my hair, let it air dry and let the curls come out, and use a little product to keep the frizz away. It is so much easier and it feels so much more like ME, instead of like I am trying to force my hair to do something it wasn't meant to. I enjoy my long hair, even though I have a baby again who likes to pull it. I'm glad to have learned to appreciate and love what I have been given instead of fighting with and feeling frustrated by my hair each morning.

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